EDUCATION: Mills College, Oakland, CA.; Univ. of California, Berkeley, B.A.

MEDIA:     Acrylic, collage, colored pencil, mixed media, oil, printmaking,  

                        Portland Art Museum, Gilkey Center
                        Oregon History Center
                        Mid-Columbia Medical Center
                        St. Vincent’s Hospital, Portland, OR
                        Hallie Ford Museum, Willamette University, Salem, OR
                        Private collections in North America and Scotland

                        Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery, Portland, OR

PUBLICATIONS:  Best of Colored Pencil II, Rockport, 1994;  Curnow, Creative
                        Colored Pencil, Rockport, 1995

OTHER:   Designed needlepoint for Temple Beth Israel, Portland; Christ
                  Church, Lake Oswego, OR; St. Paul’s, Salem             
                  Docent, Portland Art Museum since 1965 – fully active
                  Board of Trustees, Portland Art Museum, 1993-1999
                  Painting Autumn Northwest VIII  rented for scene in motion picture
                 Zero Effect, filmed in Portland, OR, 1997, starring Ryan O’Neill
                 Teach workshops and do demos on request
                Used to teach in extension program Pacific Northwest College of Art
                 Watercolor Society of Oregon,  Portland Art Museum

ARTISTS STATEMENT:  Drawing has been an important part of my life since childhood.  Still, I am smitten by the lusciousness of color, the interactions of shape and pattern.  I believe that art has to do with love, with caring enough about something to celebrate it or to protest when others seem not to care.  I love the gesture of brushwork, the flow of paint, the freedom of choice.  On the other hand, I also love to draw with precision, and so my drawings are usually more representational than my paintings.  Paintings and prints (woodcuts, linocuts, collagraphs, monotypes, etc.) may be completely spontaneous, done from the imagination or may be done on location.  I consider experimentation valuable for it leads to development of a new series.  I always have at least one work in progress.



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